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daily prophetic word fathers heartwhich human organ can produce magnetic field

Father I pray that you would bring new perspective to those who are hearing this today. Seale, I decree, that you will hold open the way for the Spirit of the Lord to manifest and demonstrate His presence and His power throughout Canada! The fresh oil of evangelism and outreach is being poured out across the province of Manitoba. There will be a breaking forth as the mold is removed to reveal the hidden life within. As I was praying regarding this Freedom Convoy in Canada, in the Spirit, I saw a headless horseman and I heard the Lord say, This freedom convoy- is really a Battle for Headship!. I release a breaker anointing over this region, for this region is ripe for breakthrough, says the Lord! It was a place of total destruction- where addiction, mental illness, disease, abuse and evil ravaged and destroyed the lives of many. You are not disqualified in any way. This year will be marked by a Breaker anointing. I knew this mountain represented the new thing the Lord was doing in the earth and was directly connected to sons and daughters walking upon the high places. I see many daughters merging into the Living Word, becoming the fulfillment of the Word that has been placed deep within them. Today- in this season- I see this mass called Confusion is being laid out before the Lord and the spirit of Truth- is being released into its core. The Lord will no longer tolerate those who would addto the simplicity of the gospelwith their own ideas and works of the flesh! Our Father is digging deep, deep into the soul of the body of Christ. I see the Spirit of Adoption being released and received in greater measure across the north, the south, the east and the west of this Nation of Canada! But behold you will be mute and not able to speak until the day these things take place because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time. I see waves of reception of this new wine as many are being strategically positioned at the Fathers bosom. The mothering aspect of the Fathers heart will be used powerfully in this season to birth and release the fathering aspect of the Fathers heart. Theyre raving about the packaging, even preaching on it and teaching on it, BUT they havent ACTUALLY OPENED IT UP!!!! It has been held off long enough. I see the bride of Christ emerging from this bathtub there has been a cleansing and a purifying and I hear the Lord saying now you are ready for fresh robes and fresh linen. Apostolic Mothers that will lead the charge and through their obedience, through their holy warfare, they will shift regions, cities, and entire Nations to turn to the Father-heart of God! Watch now as the Father reveals the new thing that He has been preparing in the secret place deep within you. Let your eyes look straight ahead, and your eyelids look right before you. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ask for Katie. In times of drought I have sustained you says the Lord and today I am turning you inside out so that the work that I have accomplished in the hidden places is now being revealed. I see that its the Lion of Judah rising up out of Canadian soil. The figure stepped forward into the light and I knew instantly that this was the Commander of the Lords Army! They will be in awe of the obvious favour and blessing of God upon the ones who possess divine wisdom, discernment and strategy to prosper. You are not too old. The scene changed and I saw a large white tent set up in the midst of a great battle that was raging on all sides. In the past season, the spiritual government, the Ecclesia has shifted into proper alignment into the headship of Jesus Christ and so now we are seeing the physical Nation of Canada begin to shift into alignment, into divine order and into God ordained headship. Sealed, I Decree restoration, restitution and recompense for the years the locusts have stolen! I am taking the stones that you stumbled upon in the past and Im transforming them into precious jewels for your future! Then I heard the Lord say these mothers are my battle axes and when they Roar, they will break the backbone of their enemies. Draw from His Resurrection Life in this hour! Be threshed of chaff, be refined of dross. And they will know you are Christians by your love. The Army has fixed their eyes upon Him. (After subscribing you will shortly receive a welcome e-mail containing several free gifts). A Nation chosen to reflect the Father's heart and to release the Father's Love through a message of reconciliation. Ask Me for the things that seem out of reach. I saw these legs were strong and I knew they are built for endurance and perseverance! And these ones will rise up as spiritual mothers and fathers, walking in my Resurrection Power! I saw the body of Christ in Africa, stepping into a whole new territory in the Spirit! We are standing on Holy ground! The light is piercing into the darkness of this land and taking ground as the hearts of many are being called out to be set apart in an hour of worship, in an hour of beholding, in an hour of releasing the word of the Lord and there is an awakening among the warriors who will arise from their slumber and as their eyes are healed and opened ---they will see as they have never seen before and they will speak what they see and they will speak in ways they have never spoke before and their words will be as though the Father himself is speaking. They will change the landscape of this Nation. When God occupies us, the enemy can no longer touch us. I AM releasing in you the oil of joy and giving you the garments of praise. Everyone will see the Lords hand of blessing on his servants and his anger against his enemies. Father God, I confess that I have consciously/unconsciously yielded to an evil spirit of jealousy. A LIFT UP and a LIFT OFF as the hand of the Lord elevates you into your rightful place. The Father says today; this is your unforgettable hour. I am the God who opens doors that no man can shut. I see the Spirit of God undergirding many who have felt weak and helpless in the past season. I see the turning of the tide and a shifting of gears- a momentum is being created and sustained by the Spirit of God. They were standing positioned, poised and waiting to be commissioned into the next phase of the Fathers plans and purposes in the earth! Our weapons are not carnal but mighty in the pulling down of strongholds. The Father says today, let go of mistaken ideas of what is not possible in your life. It is a time of divine resting in His promises as He brings to completion all that is in His heart for this season. Unity does not mean compromise. After it was finished the Lord spoke to me and said this: This belly cast is both prophetic and symbolic for I am about to birth a womens movement across this Nation that will take down the movement of feminism and these women will rise up in a warrior anointing like that of a Deborah. And I looked up the story of Deborah in the book of Judges and it said and then I Deborah arose a mother of Israel. I believe it is a picture of what the Father is doing in the lives of many in the church as they cross over the threshold into their identity, purpose and inheritance in Christ. This transformation changes us into the Body of Christ. I Am in you, and thats all you need to know. Canada, I speak a word of re-mantling over you today- that you would allow yourself to be released from the garments, the equipment of the old season and be willing for the Holy Spirit to outfit you with the new clothing- the new mantle the new things Father God has for you to wear and carry this season. I declare that you have been prepared for this time, as you step into a fresh new dimension of your God-given purpose! The laser beams were shooting out of her eyes and hitting people. For those who had eyes to see it was in this place that the Threshold was located. In Jesus name, I renounce and break all legal rights and powers associated with this evil spirit. These visions cause me to ask the Lord, How is it that this army marches in total unity? Im removing the thorns that have pricked your hearts for many years and caused you to stumble and struggle in your faith. You wondered just how bad things are. Several years ago, the Father spoke something to me that I believe is the mandate for the Leadership of the body of Christ in Canada: He said: I have mantled you with authority, to go and bring healing to those who have been mangled by authority!. I declare, the Father is opening a window of opportunity and providing a way of escape for those who have been held captive to the occult and to the power of witchcraft--- I see a supernatural anointing of grace flowing from the throne-room of God ---into the lives of those who have been crying out for freedom from demonic torment! Holy Spirit is here to release what is needed to move forward. I heard him say"I will not go to the religious, for they have dis-graced the name of Jesus". And it is from this dwelling place that My glory will emanate as My resurrection power flows and goes into the places of My choosing! Although they are fierce and full of Holy fury----they carry the law of kindness on their tongues, and when they speak, I see the fruit of the SPIRIT flowing from their mouths! Its a well- balanced meal, a well-balanced release. I declare a total LIFT OFF season. God will always position His people to receive an increase of new wine in seasons when we need increase. Prophesy Father Heart World Online Church Important: Click the "Go Live!" button between 7:30-9 pm EST to get your prophetic word! I saw hope come to the poor and relationships restored. Sons and daughters are rising up! The clean-up would include the disposal of all the uprooted trees and severed branches. Behold Jesus Christ as He sits at the right hand of the Father and He calls us to be one with Him. Provision is in the crown, authority is in the crown, dominion is in the crown. All the while, He is shaping and forming us into new wineskins- into our true identity as sons and daughters! They were being prepared to execute and enforce the plans and purposes of the Father in Canada! 2012 is the year of the rising up of Apostolic Governmenta release of Apostolic authority and anointing for re-ordering, re-aligning and re-storing. I was reminded of what the Lord spoke to me several years ago- when He said: Maggie, much of the Healing Revival you will see in Canada will have to do with the healing of the emotions., I asked Father how will you heal their emotions?, He said, I will heal their emotions with My emotions!. They havent actually stepped into it nor have they been transformed and renewed to it. As I saw the dead horse a thought came to me and I said to the Lord I feel like I am beating a dead horse. I saw the substance of faith within these prayers break-through impossibilities and produce miracles of healing, while the substance of hope destroyed hopelessness. We are to be a prophetic-apostolic church we are to be in tune with the moving of the Spirit. Spiritual ears and eyes are opening up everywhere across Quebec. I see an anointing of breakthrough that is unraveling the works of the enemy as impossible situations suddenly shift into blessings! Behold Im doing a new thing, says the Lord, Im taking the axe to the root and Im uprooting orphan mindsets. "For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives." The shroud of despair that has wrapped itself around you is being torn away even now. 20:20: Believe the Prophets, so shall you prosper The Father says today I am the God who gives you the desires of your heart. The dreams and gifts within the Inuit are likened to tender shoots with deep roots. Good News! In this hour, I see the Father putting His finger on these deep wounds that are under the surface, deep wounds that have been covered but not healed. These are My choice ones, My bend but not break ones, these are my beloved ones and they cannot stop and they will not stop because for I am the one who has unleased within them an acceleration for the harvest and they are running for the harvesting of Nations! Likewise, I see spiritual mothers- mighty warriors rising up and coming alongside fathers, to propel them into their destinies with the word and the roar of the Lord in their mouths. I declare that have not been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind! So that you would accomplish all that is in My heart for this Nation. We are granted eternal life through our faith in you and your WORD. I hear the bridegroom calling- step in! They are unstoppable! When we come to Christ, our old nature passes away and we receive the new nature of God by becoming His Body. Amen. I see the chains of addition and mental illness and disease falling from individuals who have been considered unreachable and too far gone. I looked up to see a large dark cloud moving over the teepee and being positioned directly above it. Now is the time to name it and claim it. They are being sent to restore and release Canada into her God given Destiny. And the Father says its time for the women- its time for Canada! Expect change, says the Father. Behold, the Father, as He comes to approve and spotlight His beloved sons and daughters in this hour. It is the breaker anointing that is being released in Ontario. I declare that Souls are being made in Canada as lies are being displaced with Truth. I saw the movement of spiritual mothering release healing for deep emotional wounds in the fathers; and I saw fathers being empowered to rightly represent the Father-heart of God so they could raise up their children in the training and admonition of the Lord. New wine brings revelation that uncovers or reveals what God is saying to us in new seasons. To restore and to heal and to lift up the broken and the vulnerable! We are moving and shifting from a time of plowing and pioneering into a time of breakthrough. I see the Church in Ontario sending shock waves throughout the Nation. These Orphans have taken the gift of Son-ship into their hands, but they havent yet RECEIVED IT INTO THEIR HEARTS! The House is the Presence of the Lord. I was thinking how will we cross over- and it was impressed on me that there was only one way to cross over this Threshold and that was: to be carried. You have revealed yourself onto us. I had a VISION/WORD this morning that I believe will bless you! Then I heard the Lord speaking to spiritual fathers of our day, even as He spoke to Moses in Deut 3:28- But commission Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, for he will lead this people across and will cause them to inherit the land that you will see.". In other words, the new creation man is not to hang onto the old things but to receive the new things of God. We have been prepared and equipped for such a time as this. Across the screen, there was an interruption for a Breaking News story. The Father wants to heal us from the inside out- because oftentimes the things we struggle with on the outside are deeply rooted on the inside! I hear the Lord say- Africa, I have come to heal your land and I will even cause My rain to fall upon your land in supernatural ways so that even the dirt beneath your feet will be transformed into fertile soil as it becomes infused with rich nutrients to fertilize, to nourish and to grow your seeds for harvest. Canada- no doubt, you have been shifted and sifted in the hand of the Lord but the Father saysthrough it all- I have brought forth a remnant! bhldn floral wedding dress, five headed dragon mythology,

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daily prophetic word fathers heart

daily prophetic word fathers heart

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daily prophetic word fathers heart

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